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March 14 2017

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“Example of tension in a falling cat.” The renaissance of the Greek ideal. 1922. 

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Untitled. Liliana Maresca in front the National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1984

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March 13 2017


good love is always patient 

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Dont even try to deny the fact that this was the best kitchen in the entire world and still is.

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The Night of the Hunted, 1980, Jean Rollin

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This is the lucky clover cat. reblog this in 30 seconds & he will bring u good luck and fortune.

March 12 2017

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Current mood: Alfred Hitchcock getting inspired in the river Thames.

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Alain Delon, alone among others, 1962

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Alain Delon and Jane Fonda, Les Félins, 1964.  Director:.René Clément 

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My Own Private Idaho || 1991

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One day I will find the right words and they will be simple.
— Jack Kerouac
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Samuel Beckett observing cat, dog and parrot. 1964.

Photograph by Steve Schapiro.

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