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March 11 2017

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Øystein Dahlstrøm

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Psychout for Murder | Rossano Brazzi, 1969

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March 10 2017


Don’t disconnect with yourself in order to connect with someone

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Kate Winslet, 1996.

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Mnie po prostu przeraża, że zapomnisz.
— Ochocki, Vithren

March 07 2017

White peacocks fighting for dominancy
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Przede wszystkim trzeba unikać kłamstwa, wszelkiego kłamstwa, zwłaszcza okłamywania siebie.
— F. Dostojewski
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Dean Loomis, Young Students in Paris, 1961

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Teach em young.
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if you both agree to take a nap instead of going out, it’s a date

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Poland redenominates the zloty. 10000 zloty is now worth 1 zloty. January 1 1995

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February 28 2017

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Cyanometer, c. 1789. An instrument that measures the blueness of a sky.

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